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The Deanship shall do everything possible to achieve its objectives and, in particular, the following:


  • - Preparation and holding of courses and training programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and panel discussions for faculty members, lecturers and docents in the professional and educational fields.
  • - Provide consultation to faculty members in the fields of education, learning and scientific research.
  • - Preparation and presentation of courses and lectures for university students to support their abilities and achievement of life skills that enable them to engage in university life successfully.
  • - Organizing meetings for new faculty members to familiarize them with the regulations and instructions applicable at the university.
  • - Inviting specialized educational staff to assist faculty members in developing the educational process at the university.
  • - Cooperation and communication with similar centers internally and externally to share experiences.
  • - Cooperate with international actors with competence in developing skills and achieving quality in all academic programs, academic guidance and administrative procedures that serve the educational process.
  • - Using modern technology such as the Internet and e-learning.
  • - Preparation and issuance of brochures and guides that contribute to the development of the skills of faculty members.
  • - Identifying and meeting all training needs of beneficiaries from within and outside the university.
  • - Qualification and accreditation of human cadres in training and human development in all disciplines.




Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:28am